Aftercare of your tattoo is as important as the application itself. Here's what you're gonna do...

There are many, MANY myths and legends surrounding tattoo aftercare and maintenance. Everything from dangerous ointments that actually attract more bacteria with their goopy presence, to the dreaded "dry healing"- which will create a scab that upon coming off, will most likely pull some of your ink out with it. Let's not forget that both of those methods will also probably leave your sheets or clothing messy with ink, blood/plasma, and whatever else hitched a ride on you between the shop and your house...gross.

There's a more peaceful way. 

We use Saniderm. 

Saniderm is a breathable, adhesive bandage that will protect your tattoo from bacteria, clothing, and your sheets! 

To be honest, no one can tell you better than them, so here's a few links to pages on their website. 

They have tons of info and videos. 

Everything from How It Works to How To Use it. 

Saniderm IS our method of healing. It is the safest, most effective product we have found. 

Your tattoos will thank you...and your sheets will too...and your's really good.